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Office Cleaning

Got cleaning problems? We got cleaning solutions! HJS is the clear answer for today's cleaning problems. We specialize in all your office cleaning needs, from floor care to maintaining your...

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DO YOU WANT A CLEANING SERVICE? OR QUALITY CLEANING? This is a question you should ask yourself before calling us, because we are not your average cleaning service, However We are Quality Cleaning at its best!!! How serious do you take you're cleaning???? But most of all Are you sick and tired of being tied down to the same old cleaning service because you can't get out of the long term contracts they offer? With Howard Janitorial, we work with you on the Month to Month basis, you want out, you simply give us 30 day notice, and we give you an Exit date! And the great thing about that is that we only charge you for the services rendered! Not futuristic long term speculative contract charges! Its time you got what you pay for! 800-403-8492!

Howard Janitorial Services, Janitor Service, Athens, GA

Cleaning Services Based in Athens, Georgia


Do you want a Cleaning Service? Or Do you want Quality cleaning ? Got Cleaning Problems? We got Cleaning Solutions!


Why should you switch your cleaning services, to Howard Janitorial? Here's why!

Experience, We don't do Gimmick services, or make promises we can't keep regarding you're cleaning. We Deliver the services we promise!

Our Question to you is, are you getting what you pay for now? Or have you even noticed the cleaning your current cleaning service is providing? We know you are busy and that 90% of the time you will over look the cleaning you pay for!

Other Cleaning Services count on you doing just that!

We do the Opposite! We inspect your home or office on the regular basis making sure that every single dollar you spend on our services, shows in the cleaning you expect to get! Why pay less and get less? Instead of paying more to get what your money is paying for? Remember this you get what you pay for, which has always been a true statement!

We could throw you a brilliant sales pitch, or we could give you a brilliant light show, to sale you on us, instead will give you what you, what you came here for Quality, Professional, Honest Dependable, cleaning services!  Let someone else do the dirty work! With cleaning services from Howard Janitorial, based in Athens, Georgia. Specializing in all your office or home cleaning needs, We even offer Terminal Cleaning for Hospitals, Environmental Services for Nursing Homes and Schools. Howard Janitorial has watched closely as cleaning service after cleaning service, used untrained employees, methods that have no chance at working, in the many different environment's that require skilled and knowledgeable cleaning staffs. We want to make sure it's done right each time we visit your Home or Office. We wanna know when you have issues that need addressing! But we can't help until you make the call! 800-403-8492

More About Us! HJS is fully bonded and Insured, our Company is also fully automated to make paying your bill as convenient as possible! We offer long term contracts, but with our clients that's an option, you want freedom from long term contracts no problem, we offer Month to Month Agreements, Pay as you Go! Browse our site and if you think you're ready for a change?Take advantage of our free estimate, and mention the coupon for 10% Off the First Month of Service.


Howard Janitorial Agents can take your Credit Card Payment at your Home or Office.   

remember to tell us you have a 10% coupon ™Special Offer Teaser, Cleaning Services in Athens, GA

Cleaning Services
Our company offers a variety of cleaning services for your business, home, or apartment complex. Whether you need office or apartment cleaning,or Terminal Cleaning Our Commercial Floor Care is unmatched in the Industry, we have the Experience! Providing quality service each time. think about it this way, Pay one time for the right services, or Continue to pay for rotten service. and more and more broken promises, from companies that have a lower price than us but also lower standards, this will most always guarantee they will never deliver the results you expect!

Howard Janitorial focuses  on your Privacy and Security. We Listen to your concerns, we can't promise you won't ever complain, but we can promise that we will fix the problem as quick as possible. Thats why Our President reads every email and takes calls directly from all our clients. We have excellent references, Uniformed Staffing, Trained Staffing, Supervised Crews,  We are also registered with Homeland Security and Memebers of the janitorial Store. Visit us on the web, we are located next to the Howard Johnson® on Atlanta Highway to learn more about us or if you simply want a free estimate give us a call.

Business History
Our Founders who specialized in Sanitation, Commercial Cleaning, and Construction in the 1960's formulated what is today the same Quality cleaning started so many Generations Ago. Over the years we have perfected our business because we saw too many Unqualified people offering cleaning services and clients sorely disappointed. Howard Janitorial was started to offer our clients better quality service, giving our clients the opportunity in making sure that they are always getting what they pay for. So if you take your cleaning serious! Call the service that specializes in Quality Cleaning, not Clever gimmicks, and excuses! Some claim we are high in price, thats why we are, we don't sugar coat the reality of providing Quality Cleaning. And it's not our practice to charge clients for what we haven't provided! We do it right the first time! 

Contact us today in Athens, Georgia, to learn more about our monthly office cleaning services.


It's your Money! It's your Choice! Do you want a cleaning service? Or do you want Quality Cleaning!