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Corona virus Information

If you currently need help with the COVID-19 pandemic cleaning please click the link below for more information. Howard Janitorial is in the fight combating viruses in you residential or commercial properties, specializing in biohazard cleaning let us help keep you safe during the Coronavirus outbreak and beyond.

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Maybe just maybe we got just what's needed to defend your enviroment?
Howard Janitorial Services Specializes in Biohazard Cleaning we have over 35 years experience in the industry, we got it done right the first time. Threats will always be there, and so will we fight the battle of making sure you have a specialist on your side. We use methods to help fight these dangerous viruses from infecting your employees, friends, and family anywhere from your home to your office. Our methods are proven and effectively combined with our knowledge in Biohazard cleaning to keep you safe. Our trained staff are experts in the field and can help make the difference to your rate of exposure that can build up around your home or office. As you have seen on the news it can be a matter of life and death, with the much uncertainty we must be proactive in how we approach germs and viruses.

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Given the current environment dont take risk. We offer outside and inside disinfecting washes. We know we cant kill every germ or virus, But the goal is to isolate them control them and eventually tamp them down lessening the threat to your environment.

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We have a package that fits your need, maybe you only want the outside? Or maybe just the inside? 

No matter we are here to serve you, we are ready and waiting. Call for an Appointment today. Howard Janitorial are the experts in dealing with Pathogens and other viral contaminants.